KKF Spicy Pork Ball Soup

I have a Korean friend who is an amazing cook – everything she throws together is delicious! I am constantly inspired by her. Here’s a dish that was partially inspired by a spicy beef dish she shared with Test Subject Bill and I not too long ago. KKF Spicy Pork Balls with Ginger Garlic BrothContinue reading “KKF Spicy Pork Ball Soup”

How to Cook KKF Style

How to cook like Kitchen Kung Fu in four easy steps: 1) Find a great recipe 2) Make sure you have all the ingredients (well…the essential ones, anyway) 3) Carefully read all the instructions in advance (or at least know that there ARE instructions) 4) Go into the kitchen and do whatever the heck youContinue reading “How to Cook KKF Style”