Easter Celebration Feast

Easter is a time of true celebration. I mean, we are talking about the God of the universe loving us so much that He came down to Earth, suffered and died for our sins, and then to make sure everyone noticed He rose from the grave a few days later. Wow. And the best part,Continue reading “Easter Celebration Feast”

KKF Gets Schooled: Thai

My latest Viking cooking class covered some classic Thai cuisine. I have a favorite Thai place by my house and I have to say…the stuff we made was BETTER. Here’s the menu: Thai Spring Rolls with Sweet n’ Sour Dipping Sauce Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce Banana Leaf Wrapped Snapper (with Red Curry Sauce)Continue reading “KKF Gets Schooled: Thai”

Dragon Nuts

It was a normal Friday. I did my work thing, test subject Bill did his work thing, we went out for sushi, we came home. Then it happened. SNACK ATTACK. I was just sitting at my computer Facebooking when all of a suddent I HAD to have something sweet or I was going to turnContinue reading “Dragon Nuts”