Memorial Day Chicken Bacon Salad

Just in time for your holiday weekend (if you’re in the US) a quick and delicious salad to accompany your burgers, steaks, etc. This is a great way to use leftover roast chicken and/or another use for that package of bacon you’re opening for bacon cheeseburgers this weekend. If your spouse permits, adding shallots, onions,Continue reading “Memorial Day Chicken Bacon Salad”

Better Than Butter?

What’s better than butter? Not much. But here’s a way to make butter better. In a couple of my recent cooking classes we steamed fish in parchment paper. For one of them, we made this amazing shallot butter that steamed in with the fish and made it really flavorful. Lucky for everyone, it’s super easyContinue reading “Better Than Butter?”

How to Cook KKF Style

How to cook like Kitchen Kung Fu in four easy steps: 1) Find a great recipe 2) Make sure you have all the ingredients (well…the essential ones, anyway) 3) Carefully read all the instructions in advance (or at least know that there ARE instructions) 4) Go into the kitchen and do whatever the heck youContinue reading “How to Cook KKF Style”

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Dream

Since I’ve been trying to go gluten-free these days, I’m looking up recipes from the pioneers that have gone before me into the world of gluten free baking. I’ve been finding some really great recipes. One of those I tried tonight – chocolate chip cookies. Uh huh. I used this recipe from over at theContinue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Dream”