How to Cook KKF Style

How to cook like Kitchen Kung Fu in four easy steps:

1) Find a great recipe

2) Make sure you have all the ingredients (well…the essential ones, anyway)

3) Carefully read all the instructions in advance (or at least know that there ARE instructions)

4) Go into the kitchen and do whatever the heck you want

KKF'd Jambalaya

Case in point. When I decided to try this jambalaya recipe, I made sure I had my chicken, andouille sausage, some ham, etc. Some things I knew I wouldn’t use (chicken boullion cube and green pepper, for example) and planned a substitute in advance. I started reading the recipe while I’m pulling stuff out of the fridge and then just kind of did as I pleased. Recipes are really just suggestions anyway (unless you’re baking, then playing fast and loose is generally a bad idea.) So this is how the recipe looked after I got done making my changes:

Kung Fu'ed recipe

The good news is, I didn’t screw it up. The soup was delicious. Whether you make it my way, or the way Linda originally intended for it to be, you will be happy. Even test subject Bill ate a few bowls as leftovers (a true measure of a quality dish – if he eats leftovers, it was good.)

I’d like to note that the Cajun seasoning I used is from Mill Creek Spice Company, a local (to me) company owned by a very nice man who grinds and mixes all his own spice blends using organic ingredients. I’ve tried a few of his mixes and really enjoyed them. You can find his quality products online at (he ships, as he recently did to the Kung Fu Mama – that’s my mammy – for mother’s day!) and I have also seen him at the Dahlonega Farmer’s Market at Rancho Alegre and the Suwanee Farmer’s Market if you live in the Gwinnett County area. If you don’t…well, visit the website 🙂

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One thought on “How to Cook KKF Style

  1. And we used the cajun spice on a good piece of steak last night and it was Good !! So, speaking as the Kung Fu Mama ( I really like that ) I really like the spices too!! \o/\o/

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