Keto Product Review: Flackers

I love cheese and crackers. Especially with a glass of wine. But being keto, the cracker part of this equation has been challenging. I’ll sometimes use “crackers” made from fathead dough, but either they are soft like bread or if you want them crunchy they need to be dehydrated. I like to do a lot of things from scratch, but being a busy mom I often need to take the lazy route and buy stuff or I’d never get any sleep.

f6When I saw Flackers I knew I had to give them a try. Seriously, 1 NET CARB IN 10 CRACKERS? SHUT UP! But not just that – they are soaked before being dehydrated into the crackers. Many people are not aware that most nuts and seeds should be soaked (and in some cases sprouted) prior to being consumed to neutralize the phytic acid and improve nutrient absorption and digestibility.

I bought one bag of the Sea Salt flavor and one bag of Rosemary flavor so I could try them side by side. I sampled them on their own and also with a smear of Kerrygold’s Dubliner cheese wedges (yum).


Let me say up front that they smell like flax seeds. They also taste like flax seeds. This is because they are MADE of flax seeds. If you’re expecting a Triscuit or a saltine you will be disappointed.

On their own, the Flackers were nothing special. I would not sit down to binge watch some Netflix with a bag of Flackers. With the addition of the Kerrygold cheese they became much more interesting. I did not sample them alongside a glass of wine, but I imagine that would improve the experience even more.

In addition to Sea Salt and Rosemary, Flackers also come in Savory or Tomato & Basil (both higher at 3 net carbs per 8 and 5 crackers, respectively) and Cinnamon and Currant (which I do not recommend as it has 6 net carbs and 5g of sugar).


Flackers are pretty much just a bunch of flax seeds stuck together. That said, they hold up incredibly well. They are thick and sturdy and wouldn’t crumble under the weight of anything you decided to put on them. They don’t fall apart in your hand and there are no jagged edges poking your mouth as you chew. The Rosemary ones were harder than the Sea Salt flavor but I liked the taste of the Rosemary better.

The Macros

Per 10 Flackers, the macro breakdown for the Sea Salt flavor is 12g fat, 6g protein and 1 net carb (10g carbs – 9g fiber).  This makes the macro breakdown approximately 79% fat, 18% protein and 3% carb, which is pretty darn close to the keto golden ratio of 75/20/5.

The Rosemary flavor was slightly lower in fat coming out at 10g fat, 6g protein and 1 net carb, or 76/20/3, even closer, but there is only 8 crackers in a serving versus 10 for Seal Salt.

The Summary


  • Flackers are super low in carbs and fit keto macros like a bullseye

  • Organic/Non-GMO/Gluten Free/Soaked

  • Satisfying crunch

  • Sturdy construction holds up to dips and spreads

  • If you like flax seeds, you’ll be okay with the flavor


  • Price – At $5 to more than $6 per bag, Flackers are not cheap. If you want to try making your own, you might try this recipe

  • If you don’t like flax seeds, you probably won’t like the flavor (the Amazon reviews seem to indicate that you either love them or hate them)

Flackers can be purchased on Amazon if you can’t find them in your grocery store, but sometimes you can get a better price on Vitacost and get cash back if you use Rakuten. Happy snacking!

Have you tried Flackers? What did you think? Leave a comment below!


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