Keto Product Review: Flackers

I love cheese and crackers. Especially with a glass of wine. But being keto, the cracker part of this equation has been challenging. I’ll sometimes use “crackers” made from fathead dough, but either they are soft like bread or if you want them crunchy they need to be dehydrated. I like to do a lotContinue reading “Keto Product Review: Flackers”

The KKF Bookshelf: How to Cook Everything

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have five cookbooks (er, deserted except for access to any and all ingredients, kitchen supplies and cooking implements) one book that would definitely be among them is How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. You may know Bittman as The Minimalist. He has aContinue reading “The KKF Bookshelf: How to Cook Everything”

Old Faithful vs. The New Hotness

The week before last I prattled on about my favorite kitchen gadgets. This week I thought I’d also thought I’d relate the story of one of my biggest gadget kung faux pas in recent years. I’ve had my trusty Cuisinart food processor for about ten years. I love it, and it’s just as powerful now asContinue reading “Old Faithful vs. The New Hotness”

The KKF Bookshelf: The Flavor Bible

One of my favorite cookbooks is not a cookbook at all, but more of a handy manual guiding you on how to become your own hero in the kitchen. Ok, maybe not. Or why not…all depends on your definition of a hero. This amazing book is The Flavor Bible*. I was turned on to thisContinue reading “The KKF Bookshelf: The Flavor Bible”