KKF Fast Food: Salmon Patties with Lemon-Thyme Cream

I recently got in on a bulk wild salmon purchase from Lummi Island which included some ground salmon. (You even got a free hat with purchase. Gotta love the freebies.) On nights that I have classes at the gym I need something quick AND I’m a sucker for anything fried in butter, so tonight I tried my handContinue reading “KKF Fast Food: Salmon Patties with Lemon-Thyme Cream”

Easter Celebration Feast

Easter is a time of true celebration. I mean, we are talking about the God of the universe loving us so much that He came down to Earth, suffered and died for our sins, and then to make sure everyone noticed He rose from the grave a few days later. Wow. And the best part,Continue reading “Easter Celebration Feast”

How to Make Spouses Eat Collards

Collard greens are a Southern specialty and a seasonal winter vegetable. Being from Iowa, where winter vegetables exit only in the supermarket or in your deep freeze, I had limited experience (ok NONE) with collards before moving south. So after some experimentation, I discovered the perfect way to prepare this sometimes shunned green for the northernContinue reading “How to Make Spouses Eat Collards”

Kitchen Kung Fu. Why am I here?

For a long time I’ve been dissatisfied with the frantic pace of American life. We have more technology than ever and less time than ever. The more gadgets we have to save time the less time we have. We make ourselves as busy as possible, then wonder why we never have time for the thingsContinue reading “Kitchen Kung Fu. Why am I here?”