KKF Low-Carb Mocha Decadence Ice Cream


Low carbing? Good for you! Not impressed with the chemical crap storm nutritional composition of Atkins bars but still want a treat? Even better! You don’t have to subject yourself to those things to get a sweet fix of dessert! Try this next time – but do plan ahead. It’s best when it’s been in the freezer a few hours.

KKF Low-Carb Mocha Decadence Ice Cream

2 cups heavy cream

4 raw egg yolks

2 tsp instant coffee granules

2-3 T cocoa powder (depending on how chocolately you want it)

9 packets powdered stevia

2 T vanilla vodka (AKA home made vanilla extract)*

Whisk the egg yolks until smooth, then add the cream, whisk well. Add the other ingredients slowly and whisk well until it is well combined. Whisk in the vodka. (This adds flavor but mostly keeps it soft enough to scoop when you pull it out of the freezer.) Put it in your ice cream maker (I have this one) and churn til nice and thick – I left mine for about 20 minutes.

FREAKING YUM. And the entire recipe has about 20 carbs. Not that I suggest you sit down and eat the whole thing in a sitting….

* I make this with the empty pods when I use the beans for something else. Once I’ve scraped the pods and used them for whatever else I was making, I stick the empty pods in a pint of vodka, stick it under the bar and forget about it. Works great and I made my vanilla beans pull double duty!

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