A Mostly Sustainable Graduation Party

On January 8, 2011 I graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Gwinnett College with a degree in Business Administration, Finance concentration. To celebrate the event, I catered my own graduation party last Saturday night. As much as possible, I used local and/or organic food. It was a lot of work, but at the end of it all my exhausted foodie spirit was satisfied! Various food porn photos from the event are below! Click on the pics for the larger version.

Published by kitchenkungfu

Writer, Toastmaster and tireless champion for the benefits of a ketogenic diet!

3 thoughts on “A Mostly Sustainable Graduation Party

  1. it is a most satisfying feeling to prepare food and see yur guests devour and enjoy!! Can’t explaine it – but now you know! Who knows where this will lead – am curious to see what the future holds for you….mom \o/\o/

  2. Hey girl! Everything looks wonderful in this blog – lots of hard work academically & in the kitchen as witnessed from these pics. Congrats on graduating & on the food, wish we could have attended. ~ Lori ~

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