St.Patty’s Salmon Patty

When it comes to canned fish, I’m picky. There’s only one brand of canned tuna that I like (Bumble Bee). I recently ate a higher-quality sardine and it was acceptable. Recently I discovered this canned salmon at Costco that is actually quite good. I was really suprised at how good it is and therefore wanted to find new ways to use it other than in pasta salad or mixed with mayo (tuna salad-esque). I found this recipe calling for canned salmon and decided to give it a shot.

The recipe itself is so simple it’s ridiculous. Fish, breadcrumbs, an egg and some onion. I added some Old Bay seasoning half way through actually making the cakes and I think I like it better with the little added kick. A reviewer on the Allrecipes site said they had made a sauce out of sour cream, lemon juice and dill. Since these are all my favorites, I was in. I threw it together, made some patties and threw them in the frying pan.

I discovered that salmon patties such as these probably need two eggs instead of one. They didn’t want to hold together very well. Also, patties formed on the curve of your hand that already don’t want to stick REALLY don’t want to stay in one piece once they hit a flat pan. So I started forming the patties against the flat surface of a plate and that seemed to help somewhat.

Salmon Patty
Salmon Patty

I did get one patty to come out really nice. The sour cream sauce was THE BOMB on these. Totally made them. So, is it Irish? Doubtful, but since the holiday’s coming up and I made PATTIES and there was some green (dill!), that was good enough for me. Cheers!

As a side note, I also created home made pickled ginger yesterday. More on this later.

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One thought on “St.Patty’s Salmon Patty

  1. Oh, yes, I love salmon pattys – Did you use fresh bread crumbs? I hope so – And thats the way I do the sauce too.
    Am going to make some next week!! \o/\o/

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