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First of all, happy new year from the kung fu kitchen! Hope it’s filled with good eats, peace and happiness!

My first blog of 2009 revolves around stuffing it. In this case, I’ve roasted and stuffed some beautiful shrimp stuffed poblanos. This was the first time I roasted peppers at home. Or anywhere else for that matter. I was a little intimidated, although with a few successes under my belt I was feeling confident. So I cranked up the broiler and went to town.

It took a little bit longer than the recipe stated to broil, and they didn’t get all black like I expected but they looked done enough so I quit turning them and pulled them out to steam. When it was time to peel, I was amazed. The skin just came right off in my fingers. The seeds within were another matter. When I tried to grab them they went everywhere, including other places inside the pepper. So I didn’t quite get all of them but I wasn’t worried. Poblanos aren’t that hot…right?

Shrimp Stuffed Poblanos
Shrimp Stuffed Poblanos

When it came to the creamy shrimp stuffing, I had my sour cream and cilantro all ready. I chopped the green onions and kept them to the side (Bill’s not a fan) then turned to the salsa portion. I had a jug of salsa I picked up at Costco that I was going to use. I pulled it out of the pantry and realized that it said PLEASE REFRIGERATE. Oh, crap. It had been in the pantry for at least a week. I didn’t think it was worth risking food poisoning for jarred salsa, so I improved with a can of Rotel and a can of regular diced tomatoes. It seemed to work out. I tossed in my shrimp, mixed and stuffed. They turned out rather pretty, I think, and not to shabby for a first try.

Stuffed Poblanos with Spicy Black Beans
Stuffed Poblanos with Spicy Black Beans

I served them up with a side of my own special spicy black beans (can of black beans and some chipotle Tobasco), topped with the green onions and some fresh cilantro and it was rather attractive on the plate.

Test subject Bill approved until he came across some of the random seeds that had escaped eviction from the pepper. Then it got a little hot. Then a lot hot. Then I realized my fingers were burning from removing the charred pepper skins. Ok, so maybe I wrong about the heat level. Maybe I just got an extra hot batch of poblanos. But next time I’ll wear gloves and make sure I get ALL the seeds outta there.

Speaking of next time…these were very tasty and had nice presentation. I think with a little tweaking this would be a fantastic dinner party dish. Next time I’ll make sure I actually have salsa (preferably my homemade, mmmm), drain the salsa a bit (it got a little watery), chop up the shrimp a little finer and add some cheese to the stuffing so it holds together better. Also, after stuffing them they go back under the broiler, but mine were toasty on top and lukewarm in the middle after the cooking time recommended in the recipe so I think I’ll go cooler and slower for that part of it. Pretty soon I may have a specialty. Weee!

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  1. Well, these do look good and as cold as it gets up here in the north – sounds like a good warm up meal. Keep up the good work – ’09 has lots of possibilites!! \o/\o/

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