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After a long, rough morning of doing tai chi, hsing-I and pa kua in the park by the Chattahoochee River, I came home starved. Mac & cheese would have taken too long. Lucky for me, I had picked up some lovely organic heirloom tomatoes at Whole Foods.

Fresh Tomato Salad

Fresh Tomato Salad

Ripe, fresh tomatoes should not be confused with tomatoes picked green and turned red with chemical reactions. When you’ve got a real tomato, you’ve got a meal.

I lined a salad bowl with fresh spinach, then halved and sliced the heirloom tomato and laid them out over the spinach. Costco has a great goat cheese (Ile de France) so I sprinkled some crumbles of that over the tomatoes. Lightly salted and peppered then drizzled with good olive oil and BAM. Fast food lunch. It took me less than five minutes to produce this work of art. And tasty! Woohoo! McWhoever can kiss my behind.

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