A Million Ways to Cook with an Egg

The KKF and the BGE

When you buy a Big Green Egg, it’s kind of like joining a cult. People who own a Green Egg (or “Eggheads”) become fanatical, notice other Eggheads when they drive or walk by their house, and dancing or jumping ensues just from seeing someone else’s Egg. This month, I joined the Egg Cult.

The first night after a laborous process of setting up our new large Egg, I had burgers ready to throw on and french fries ready to go in some piping hot tallow. I used Cheeseslave’s fry recipe and they were out of this world delicious! And the burgers…amazing. So delicious and moist.

That was enough to get me hooked, and within the first two weeks of owning the Egg I probably grilled six times. Gratuitous grill porn follows. Enjoy! (And yeah, if you don’t have one I strongly recommend picking up a Green Egg!)

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3 thoughts on “A Million Ways to Cook with an Egg

  1. You actually grilled the peppers on here without falling over – and how long were they on AND did the bottoms burn – hummm \o/\o/

  2. They stayed upright initially but when they started getting soft on the bottom I had to kind of stack them up against each other. I probably had them on 10-12 minutes over 500 degree heat. Buttoms got nice and black but stayed delicious 🙂

  3. Oh this was such a mouthwatering post….excellent timing…even a year later! It’s grilling season again! I love those fries, I’m a ‘tater gal!

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