Life’s a Peach and Then You Pie

It’s summer in Georgia. Temps are in the 90’s (a little too early for this kind of heat). Sweet tea abounds. And of course, there’s the peaches. A neighbor of mine has a peach tree in her front yard. Every time I walk by I’m soooo tempted to just reach out and grab one. I guess it runs in the family; I heard my mom was well-known for pilfering fruit from neighbor’s trees as a child…

In addition to straight-up peach munching, I’ve been dicing them up and mixing them with my homemade yogurt. No additional sweetening needed – these things are sweet and juicy and totally delicious! But of course, I can’t stop there. So I looked up a peach muffin recipe and edited it a bit (of course) and made myself some peach bread.

The recipe at calls for 1 1/4 cups of vegetable oil. My heart stopped at the thought of using that much vegetable oil, or even that much of any kind of oil. But the reviews were so good. So I replaced the vegetable oil with coconut oil, which is actually good for you. It also calls for TWO CUPS of white sugar. Egads! I used one cup and felt like a bad girl.

The bread turned out super moist, thanks to the coconut oil and juicy peach bits. I didn’t need to even put butter on it, and I definately did not miss that extra cup of sugar. In fact, I think all that sugar would have made it too sweet and ruined it. America is over-sugared. Just a little sweet goes a long way once your taste buds have stopped being inundated with sweeteners.

Since I’m trying to drop a few pounds for my neice’s wedding in a few weeks I ended up freezing most of the bread so I can fatten up on it later 🙂 But it was a yummy and fun use of the peaches.

Ok, so I didn’t pie…I breaded. But the post title wouldn’t have been so snappy with “then you bread.” However, pie sounds wonderful. I’m thinking about this one. Or little individual pies that I can freeze. Oh, the endless peachy opportunities…

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One thought on “Life’s a Peach and Then You Pie

  1. The bread looks moist and delicious! And I hear you about the sugar. Last time I made peach muffins I forgot the sugar. (I only use half the recommended amount usually.)

    It took maybe a third of a muffin to get accustomed to the lack of added sugar. I could feel my taste buds waking up, shifting, and seeking out the peach instead of the white sugar. (It probably helped that I used mondo peaches.)

    But I really liked them and plan to continue making them this way (to my step-son’s horror, I’m sure). If we need a little more sweet, there’s always local honey!

    Love your title!

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