Bread Update

I’m getting the hang of this bread thing. So well in fact that I’m starting to venture out a little bit, try new things. Last weekend I made rosemary bread. Using the same bread recipe, during the initial mixing phase I added not quite 3/4 cup of fresh rosemary that I grew myself (Ok, nature grew it. But I picked it and harvested the leaves) and because I didn’t think I had enough I tossed in another teaspoon of dried rosemary. Also, I used filtered water instead of tap water because Alton Brown says that chlorine in tap water messes with the yeast.

Man, this bread was out of this world. The flavor was amazing. I took it to a little get together on Saturday night and everyone loved it. Thanks to test subject Bill for encouraging me to do an herb bread. Weee!

Oh, also – I quit using the glass dishes to bake the bread in and instead just make loaf shapes on a cookie sheet and let nature take its course. I prefer it this way – it looks more natural, more homemade and the shape is conducive to many different applications.

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One thought on “Bread Update

  1. Hi, good idea, I’v used thyme and basil also. Bob likes it with parmasan cheese (grated) he’s the cheese man anyway you bake it. I like to use the cooky sheets to and see what shape I come up with. Carl is working with a pottery friend to make an appropriate shaped pan for the sourdough. He says when they get a good model – I get to test it for them!! Can’t wait – keep baking – love ya \o/\o/

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