Hi, I’m Joanna, a life-long foodie. My food path has evolved over the years from the low-fat craze in the 90’s to vegetarianism until I discovered the wealth of the traditional food world. I dove head first into sourcing food from local farmers, making my own bacon and home fermentation.

After I had my son just a week before my 37th birthday, my formerly mostly steady weight began to go up…and up…and up. I tried killing myself at the gym and restricting my food intake, but all ended up achieving was misery and frustration. Then I discovered the power of a ketogenic diet in late 2018, and have been a champion and believer in keto ever since.

And oh…why kung fu? I practiced kung fu and tai chi for about six years back in the day. Today I view kung fu as whatever art form I choose to devote myself to. Today keto is my kung fu and the kitchen is my dojo.

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